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Faux123 Kernel Enhancement Pro v1.1.8

NOTICE: For SHARE several. 3. 2+ kernel, YAHOO AND GOOGLE HAS IMPAIRED ALL changes regarding GAMMA command, CUSTOM KERNEL becomes necessary regarding several. 3. 2+!!!

This kind of application FURTHERMORE unofficially can handle ALL ROOTED ICS and JB ready gadgets (Phones and Tablets). Of which software program may does with your complete a few other ICS/JB apparatus!
*** Software Capabilities: ***

> CPU Management:
Indicates central digesting product middle frequencies within realtime
Makes it possible for modifying connected with PROCESSOR governors
Makes it possible for modifications connected with PROCESSOR Min/Max frequencies
mpdecision on/off (Qualcomm devices)
PROCESSOR Silent Governor (Tegra3 devices)

> Voltage Management:
Indicates the latest voltage every regularity
Tracks its PROCESSOR voltage (Global/Individual)
Clever Reflex On/Off (Galaxy Nexus)

> CPU Governor Management:
(supports ANY PROCESSOR governor by way of example: ondemand, careful, interactive, intellidemand, and pegasusq governors. Extra to come later! )
Makes it possible for PROCESSOR governor distinctive adjustments

> GPU Management:
Indicates GPU frequencies within real-time
Makes it possible for number of readily available GPU governors (My kernel and Qualcomm Chipsets)
Tracks its GPU optimum frequencies (Qualcomm Chipsets and kernels employing GPU Overclocking made it possible for! )
Tracks its GPU V-sync capacity (Qualcomm Chipsets ONLY)

> I/O Scheduler Management:
(Supports built-in eMMC and SDcard if perhaps available)
Makes it possible for number of readily available I/O schedulers
Modify read-ahead stream dimension

> Miscellaneous Management:
(depending with merchandise, not every characteristics are typically available)
Energetic Record Connect handle
TCP Congestion System handle
ELECTRONICS FastCharge handle
Wi-fi compatability electric power government handle
ELECTRONICS OTG encourage handle

> Vibration Power command
Vibration Power %

> Sweep2wake command
Positioning (Nexus 4)
Press button BROUGHT ABOUT (Sensation/Amaze and other HTC devices)
Home2Wake, Logo2Wake, Home2Sleep, Logo2Sleep (HTC One ONLY)

> Color Management:
(Not all characteristics are about regarding diverse models)
Tracks its Color warmth (Galaxy Nexus, Nexus several, Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4, HTC One)
Tracks its Gamma curve (Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4)
Tracks its Style any compare (Galaxy Nexus ONLY)
Tracks its Gamma exploration kitchen table (Galaxy Nexus ONLY)

> Z-Control:
ZRAM Replace On/Off
ZRAM Hard drive Dimension
Ram similar Sysctl corrections
CleanCache or Frontswap or Z-RAM (CompCache) Playing

> Arctic Management: (Qualcomm Cool gadgets ONLY)
Disable Qualcomm's thermald (thermal throttling daemon)
Management built-in Intelli-thermal
Arctic effectiveness scientific studies

> Down load Management:
(available only reserved for ESTABLISHED devices)
Checks regarding most recent steady kernel and beta kernels

What is considered Completely new
Bug Corrects:
Bug 0079 - Repaired unusual ZRAM FC concerns
Bug 0080 - Repaired unusual SGS several Gamma FC concerns
Bug 0081 - Disaster FC repair regarding ICS based gadgets! Mea Culpa!
Completely new Capabilities:
0085 - Massive replace in order to URINARY INCONTINENCE, changed onto Yahoo and google Cabinet nav
0086 - Added Theme functionality
0087 - Added SGS several Color/Gamma settings
0088 - Interior Code Engine Search engine optimization (faster application startup)
0089 - Added ShortSweep solution regarding N7 2013.

Faux 123 Kernel Enhancement Pro v1.1.8Faux 123 Kernel Enhancement Pro v1.1.8

Faux 123 Kernel Enhancement Pro v1.1.8Faux 123 Kernel Enhancement Pro v1.1.8

Faux 123 Kernel Enhancement Pro v1.1.8Faux123 Kernel Enhancement Pro v1.1.8

Faux 123 Kernel Enhancement Pro v1.1.8Faux 123 Kernel Enhancement Pro v1.1.8




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