Friday, 22 November 2013

Compass Pro v1.2.19

Compass Pro is the star form of the very incredible free gabenative compass. It's brisk, its delightful and the most definite of all compass requisitions. compass virtuoso helps high definition indicates and revise north. Buy it now!

+ Most fast start of all compass requisitions

+ High definition demonstrate help

+ Supports engaging and remedy north over Wi-Fi & Gps

+ Most fantastic customer interface of all compass requisitions

+ Sdcard establish underpin

Ace Version

+ compass star does not exhibit ads


Your area, fine (Gps) area:

Needed by compass star for determining the faultless north.

Framework correspondence, Full Internet access, view framework state:

Needed by compass star for unacknowledged download part.

Schema mechanisms, Prevent phone from resting:

Needed by compass star to weaken the sleep mode, while the compass is used.

What's New

+ Improved: Big execution & memory streamlining. The compass is right away more adequate and usage less memory. This should just achieve a more fluend compass jolt.

+ Fixed: Fixed an issue with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy S4 with Android 4.3. This contraptions have a modifying bug inside the sensor classes. I have executed a workarround for this units that deals with the issue.

+ A mess of different progressions, see changelog inside the requisition.

Compass Pro v1.2.19Compass Pro v1.2.19

Compass Pro v1.2.19




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