Thursday, 21 November 2013

Omicron v2.1.2

Omicron is an incredible color response amusement for 1 or 2 players on the same android unit.

Take out tiles & secure compensate time as the inconvenience additions.

Omicron offers 3 diversion modes, numerous force ups & accomplishments.

A shade appears at the begin of each level.

Tap tiles while they show up in that shade to win.

Run over the 3 differing delight sorts of Omicron:

- C L A S I C -

Take out most of the tiles as they appear in the right color

also fulfillment the level before you use up time.

You lose time with each misunderstanding you make.

You win time for every right tap you make and

time grabbed is traded to the accompanying level .

This helps you to attain bigger measures.

Speed extends level by level.

- A R C A D E -

In this mode, there are no any single levels.

The rate of shade movements constructs

contstantly while wiped out tiles respawn.

For each misunderstanding you make you lose one life.

Without extra life reward the redirection is over after just five stumbles.

- V E R S U S -

Play Omicron with a buddy on  only one apparatus!

Take out all tiles while they appear in the right color.

The heading player with 3 centers wins the match!

What's New


- "Enter Name"-bug altered

Omicron v2.1.2

Omicron v2.1.2

Omicron v2.1.2

Omicron v2.1.2

Omicron v2.1.2



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